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As a child, I was told if I could dream it, I could do it.  I now have more dreams than I know what to do with.  In high school my career test was all over the place because I had so many interests.  I have not changed at all in the past 10 years unfortunately.

I have so many dreams but I have no idea how to make them come true.  People always told me I could make them come true but never showed me how.

How do schools fill kids with so much knowledge of ways to do things and things they can do but never really instruct us on where to go or who to talk to about turning our dreams into a reality.

For me, I guess I need to save a lot more money before I can get started, but that’s almost impossible making little to no money in comparison to bills on top of having a family of six.

So I ask you, have your dreams become a reality?  If so, how did you make it happen?  If not, what is holding you back?




Have you ever had someone in your life whom you NEVER questioned when they told you where they were?  It’s not enough to trust someone anymore, even though you trust them and believe what’s coming out of their mouth, doesn’t make it true.

Being put on a pedestal for all to see really makes the fall that much harder. It’s amazing being told you’re beautiful every day, being told you’re the most perfect person in the world, being told there’s no one else they’d rather spend their life with.

When they go to the gas station or the grocery store and come back an hour later and tell you all about the “co-worker” they ran into and you don’t question it at all.  He’s always telling you the most wonderful things, why would he lie?

When family asks about one of his Facebook friends and then you ask him, “Oh, she’s just an old friend” and when another family member tells you he’s on dating sites and he tells you “they’re old, I haven’t been on those in forever!” and you believe every word. Why wouldn’t you, you don’t have a reason not to trust the man  who put you up on this pedestal, bragging about you to everyone he knows.  Then you find out he’s been having an emotional affair for over a year and then he has sex with her!

I guess you just don’t truly ever really KNOW someone.  Have you ever looked at someone and forgave them because you felt sorry for THEM?  When they start crying and telling you how much they screwed up, it’s only to make you feel bad.  But, why should you feel bad when you had every bit of faith in that person, every bit of trust?

Life is a difficult mathematical equation, no matter how many different ways you do the problem, you get the same results.  The real question is, what results are you looking for? The equation itself may just be the problem.

When you factor young children into this equation, the problem become A LOT more difficult to solve!  Tread lightly, life is TOO SHORT!