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Stress, Struggles, Money & God


There are wealthy people, middle class, lower class and poor people.  Why are we classified by our incomes?  Whether we be poor or rich everyone has the stress of making sure they and/or their family have a place to live, making sure they have food to eat, making sure they have a way to get around.

No matter what our classification is, everyone has to eat, drink, sleep, be safe, and worry about their health.  Yes, money makes a lot of that easier but we all have that stress.  People who’ve never had to worry about having money seem to spend it carelessly and have a hard time when emergencies surprise them.

No one plans for a car accident or an allergic reaction or a freak unexplained death, especially those who are younger.  But when those moments arise, it doesn’t matter if you’re rich or poor, you’re going to be stressed, you’re going to be upset, hurt, in mourning, or maybe even just freak out at times like these.

What people tend to forget about is how we got here, why we are here and what the true blessings in life are.  It’s not money, money makes people greedy and greed is a sin.  Money makes people proud and that’s a sin.  Money separates people by jealousy, envy, and even anger.

Do we all want enough money to pay our bills and live comfortably?  OF COURSE!  Most people in the world just want to be able to pay their bills, and there are people out there ticked off because they can’t buy the newest model of this or that.  There are people out there who are so used to eating the highest quality most expensive meals, served to them at the table and they get angry when it’s not on the table on time and then there are people out there wishing they had enough money just to feed themselves.  They are out there with their stomachs burning with hunger so bad they’re too weak to run and play or even work, they are the ones dying, they should be angry, angry that someone gave birth to them and abandoned them or didn’t provide for them or didn’t care to make sure they stayed healthy or were homeless and raped and had an additional mouth to feed when they couldn’t feed their own.

People in this world are angry because there are so many organizations out there asking for money to help these people.  What people don’t realize is  those kids on that commercial didn’t ask to be born, we don’t know how their life turned out that way.  It was probably a war against our country that caused them to be left with nothing and our government covers it up by making it look like we are trying to help them.

Money isn’t the answer to everything, money may help with life’s stresses but what good is it to have no stress if you have no happiness?  Family, friends and colleges who make us laugh, help us out, show us how great we are, and make us smile when we are blue, people who show generosity and love and care for one another the way God intended us to.  That is happiness.  Not money.

I’m considered a low-income person.  I’m stressed all the time because it’s hard to make the bills and we sometimes can’t figure out what to cook because there’s always an ingredient missing for every meal we think of but you know what?  I have children who depend on me.  I work my butt off to make sure they have what they need to survive, clothes, shoes, food, and a home.  That is not cheap for a family of six and we pray to God every night for our blessings, our family, our happiness and health.  We thank God every day for financial stability even though we don’t have it yet, we know he will always provide as long as we ask with our mouth and have faith in our hearts and believe in our minds.  We will not go without the necessities of life.

I hope that you pray to God, even if you don’t believe in him.  I hope that you can provide yourself with hope, love, forgiveness, kindness, and give this holiday season for those who weren’t taught how or are unable to provide for themselves or their families.  Find a homeless person and take them shopping or out to eat.  Rent them a hotel for a night with room service.  Donate to an orphanage, volunteer at a shelter.  People NEED YOU, and I promise, it feels good to be needed by someone and you will feel SO GOOD about yourself when you’ve seen how you have changed someone’s life.  Give God your grace and your glory, pray that he shows you what to do and the path you need to be on because the world does NOT revolve around money.  Yes, it helps but it doesn’t fix anything, there will always be bills, empty stomachs, children growing, clothing tearing, shoes falling apart, cars breaking down, freak accidents and friends and family dying.  PRAY, be HAPPY and LIVE like everyone around you is dying, they will appreciate the change.


Can Blogging help you realize your true potential?


As a “when I have time” writer, I often find myself writing about the way people have made me feel or things that have happened to me in the past that changed my life.  I’ve written tons of poems, and a short story.

Like all writers, they enjoy what they do, but can writing help you learn your true identity?  Going back and reading through old letters, journal entries, blogs, etc. you learn the person you used to be and notice the ways you’ve changed but can it help you become the person you WANT to be or the person you aspire to become?  As heard in the past, “With great aspirations, holds great responsibility”……or something of the sort, you get the picture.  LETS DREAM TOGETHER!

I’ll leave this one up for discussion.  I want to hear all your thoughts on whether writing can help you become the person you dream of becoming……..



When I was in school, my dad worked on the road so I didn’t get to see him very often at all.  There was only one thing I knew we had in common and that was basketball.

When he did have the chance to be home it was usually basketball season.  So I would sit on the floor next to his chair and watch the Bulls play.  I loved that so much I decided to play basketball when I got older.  I planned to play my way into college, and play college basketball so he could watch me on T.V.  I thought that no matter where he was, then he could be with me somehow.

That world came crashing down many years later….remember that older girl I told you about?  The one who took me to all the parties and introduced me to all the sexy guys?  She was 32, I was 17 and she got me noticed.  I didn’t think anything of it at the time, I was just excited to finally be noticed and not be a “nobody” for once, until one day……..

The Nurse Practitioner told me I was pregnant!  My FIRST THOUGHT was, I’ll never get to finish playing basketball, I won’t be able to play in college so my dad can watch me on T.V. and finally be proud of me.

Oh, no, quite the opposite.  Since I was the innocent invisible one in school, I didn’t have any friends and it just so happened the ONE FRIEND I did have, hated me for calling her a name I couldn’t take back even after a heart-felt apology, she rejected me.

Talked crap behind my back at school and made my life a living hell.  I knew I could go back, especially not now, not pregnant.  Abortion wasn’t an option and I knew there was no way I could give my baby up after carrying it for nine months.  I ended up going to an alternative school.  Had my baby a month early and wasn’t able to finish on time so I then ended up having to get my G.E.D. through the community college.

An honor student, never had been in trouble in my life, I kept to myself and didn’t squeeze in where I didn’t belong and this is what I got for ONE SUMMER of TRYING to make friends and finally BE SEEN by anyone, I didn’t care. I was all alone and depressed and felt like no one cared about me or loved me.  My dad was always gone, my mom was always distant, my sisters were besties, my older brother wouldn’t let me hang out with him and my younger brother was 5 years younger than me with nothing in common.

I was a true outsider and now I was about to become a teen mom with no future……..




Happiness is that feeling you get when the sun shines on a winter day.

When the love of your life appears unexpectedly,  or when you find out you mean the world to someone.

Happiness is when your child tells you they love you for the first time, or when you get back a piece of homework from their school with a story about you as their hero.

When your parents tell you their proud of you for the first time or when you finally get a friend who truly appreciates having you in their life.

Happiness is knowing you’re going to be somebody when you grow up, knowing you have what it takes to accomplish anything.

Happiness is the feeling you get when you tell someone you love them and they say it back.

But most of all, happiness is getting to spend the rest of your life with the one person who loves, respects, cherishes and understands you more than anyone else in the world.

Debra Alcorn