Happiness is that feeling you get when the sun shines on a winter day.

When the love of your life appears unexpectedly,  or when you find out you mean the world to someone.

Happiness is when your child tells you they love you for the first time, or when you get back a piece of homework from their school with a story about you as their hero.

When your parents tell you their proud of you for the first time or when you finally get a friend who truly appreciates having you in their life.

Happiness is knowing you’re going to be somebody when you grow up, knowing you have what it takes to accomplish anything.

Happiness is the feeling you get when you tell someone you love them and they say it back.

But most of all, happiness is getting to spend the rest of your life with the one person who loves, respects, cherishes and understands you more than anyone else in the world.

Debra Alcorn



About brainofchaos

With a passion of writing, I would just like to give readers a chance to see what I have to offer and give feedback on what they think. I hope to be an inspiration to others as well as find inspiration from others. Growing in the world of writing and friendships and looking forward to growing closer to my readers and exploring my passion for writing and learning new techniques. I give great thanks to all my readers and supporters. D.A.

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