Can Blogging help you realize your true potential?


As a “when I have time” writer, I often find myself writing about the way people have made me feel or things that have happened to me in the past that changed my life.  I’ve written tons of poems, and a short story.

Like all writers, they enjoy what they do, but can writing help you learn your true identity?  Going back and reading through old letters, journal entries, blogs, etc. you learn the person you used to be and notice the ways you’ve changed but can it help you become the person you WANT to be or the person you aspire to become?  As heard in the past, “With great aspirations, holds great responsibility”……or something of the sort, you get the picture.  LETS DREAM TOGETHER!

I’ll leave this one up for discussion.  I want to hear all your thoughts on whether writing can help you become the person you dream of becoming……..


About brainofchaos

With a passion of writing, I would just like to give readers a chance to see what I have to offer and give feedback on what they think. I hope to be an inspiration to others as well as find inspiration from others. Growing in the world of writing and friendships and looking forward to growing closer to my readers and exploring my passion for writing and learning new techniques. I give great thanks to all my readers and supporters. D.A.

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