I don’t have any money saved up right now, but I’m making it my goal to start a new savings account to make my dreams come true.

I hope that I can be an inspiration to all of you who have dreams.  No matter what they are. I want you to feel free to post them here.  We will start with what your dreams are and then we will move on to the next step.

I want us all to become a “Dream Support Group”.  There are TOO MANY people out there with low self esteem or lack the resources they need to follow their destiny.  I’m here today to tell you, there is NOTHING holding you back but you.  Myself included, I’ve spent way too much time finding reasons I’m not where I want to be.

That will all change starting now.  So, please, share your dreams.  It will help you keep them fresh in your mind and in turn motivate you to strive for them. Lets get started…..xoxo DREAM ON….