When you’re an invisible teenage girl in high school when over summer break you meet a much older girl who hangs with all the sexy guys you realize your chance to be seen.

Little do you know, this girls agenda is much more mature than your teenage mind can handle. Unfortunately you’re too naive to see it.  To be seen as a mature adult is all you want or to be seen at all really.

You follow her around, let her introduce you to all the older guys and go to all the parties you shouldn’t be caught dead at when you meet a handsome older man who finds you sexy…..

All those years of being the innocent invisible outsider may have paid off with befriending just ONE older girl.  The excitement of a sexy older man makes you fall  head over heals faster than anyone could ever see it happen.

Be careful young one, he’s only out for one thing…..Don’t give it up or you won’t hear from him again.  Even if you do, it won’t be long before he finds someone smarter, prettier, skinnier, or more exciting than you.  You’ll regret it, I PROMISE.

Because you won’t see it as a mistake until your world comes crashing down.  Either with a humiliating heart break, teenage pregnancy, or an S.T.D.  You’re life and well-being are much more important than some sexy, arrogant, selfish man who only wants your “V” card.

You can’t get it back…..Just remember that.